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Here you will find the link to MY Blog and the to Blog's that I enjoy. Including friends Blog's, Funny Blog's, and Blog's that I find outragous!

My Blog. I write in it at least once a week. Well I really TRY to write in it at least once a week. Gimmie a break, I'm a Mom of Three!

Kirk Kitsch's Blog. OMGoddess this guy cracks me up. I swear I do read this every day. He is awesome in keeping his blog recent, he writes every weekday and occational weekends. His take on life is SUPREME! Plus he's very visual, gotta love that.

Kouwainohi's Blog. A very good friend of mine who's fresh way of writing down life in all it's sarcastic charade, I quite enjoy.

Deoris' Delusions of Granduer. Yup, frightenly funny and true to life. Deoris holds nothing back and doesn't pull punches.

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